The pastificio

The Sfoglia d’Oro was born in Palomonte In 1998, from the innovative idea of a young boy, Antonio.

Antonio, at the time, was a blacksmith who had recently given birth to his new family with his wife, Antonietta.

One night Antonio had the dream that changed his life forever. He couldn’t get that idea out of his head, so he decided to try to make that dream come true. Il mattino seguente non riusciva a togliersi dalla testa quello che aveva sognato e, senza pensarci troppo, chiese a sua moglie: “vogliamo aprire un laboratorio di pasta fresca?”

Antonietta’s support allowed Antonio to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, turning it into a concrete family project.

The first artisan fresh pasta workshop was born in a small closet on the ground floor of their home, with few tools available but with a lot of love and desire to do.

Commitment, perseverance, sacrifice and hard work starting to give their fruits, with patience and time, allowing the Pastificio la Sfoglia d’Oro to acquire a certain notoriety throughout the Sele Valley and to start taking its first steps outside ‘Italy.

In 2006 that small laboratory left space to a much larger and more organized structure, equipped with better production facilities that allowed the creation of a traditional, genuine and high quality product for the vast national and international markets.

Since 2017 Antonio’s children work alongside him with the same commitment and determination but especially with an eye towards continuous innovation.

Every day we ask ourselves:
would I eat it?

From here comes a genuine product, made with love and great attention, which recalls the tradition of our land, of homemade pasta and of our family’s values.

What do we do

The Pastificio La Sfoglia d’Oro is dedicated to the production of fresh pasta shapes of durum wheat semolina, fresh egg pasta, fresh filled pasta and fresh wholemeal pasta.

Processing techniques range from bronze drawing to rolling and create a vast product portfolio.

Our secret has always been to produce what we sell as if we were producing it for our own family.